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Part Number: CRC7700
Manufacturer: CRC
$62.95 -

SC Conversion for Losi XXX-T Trucks (with bumpers)
No Longer Available

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Extended Product Information:
Move over you other LCG Short Course Trucks, the dominant Losi XXX-T platform has just entered the SC category as well, (with a little help from Team CRC!). What else can we say about this truck that Team Losi hasn't already proven on the race track over the last decade or so. The truck handles extremely well and has excellent durability too. It's light, nimble, and has always been class leading in chassis, suspension, and tuning feature innovation.

Now you can pull those XXX-T's off the shelf that you sidelined when the Short Course craze started, and convert them into the baddest SC Truck on the track. This set converts most all XXX-T truck kits from Team Losi, including the Desert Truck & XXX-T CR utilizing carbon fiber chassis extensions that allow you to use your stock rear bottom plate. Using the stock rear bottom plate makes converting any XXX-T a breeze because there will be no complications with the rear arm mounts, transmissions, etc not matching up. RTR's, MF 1's, MF 2's, Desert Trucks, and the newest XXX-T CR's can all be converted using this setup. (the CR will require you to replace the quick change hubs and axles over to standard type axles).

The conversion does require you to drill two small 4-40 size holes in the front bulkhead, but this is very easy to do, and a drill bit is even included in the kit so you don't have to track one down. As you can see, the front bulkhead is already pre-marked! All you have to do is drill a hole in the center of each mold mark, and BAM...the front body mount is on.

You can trim out the plastic backstop in the XXX-T chassis, giving you the most front to back battery adjustment of any SCT. (just don't cut the whole bridge out or you won't have anywhere for your battery strap to attach to).

Meets all ROAR rules for SC truck dimensions. Body and Tires NOT included. Uses SC10 style wheels from any of the popular wheel manufacturers, or you can also add the hex adapters from the Losi Strike and use Strike wheels!

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