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Part Number: DTXD02RR
Manufacturer: Duratrax
$269.99 -

DX450 1/5 RTR Motorcycle with Brushless Motor, Red
No Longer Available

DTXD02RR image

Extended Product Information: can take the DX450 street racing if you want. But just look at those knobby tires. The made-for-motocross frame and suspension. The DX450 blends them with brushless power and 2.4GHz control to bring you the most versatile, durable R/C bike available. With the DX450, you can ride hard and fast wherever you feel like it. Up hills and flying over jumps or traveling on gravel and grass, dirt or pavement. You can scream down straightaways and corner with confidence, even if you've never driven a cycle before. A simple but effective gyroscope keeps the DX450 stable and rock-steady no matter who's behind the handlebars. And since it comes with a Tactic 2.4GHz radio system, you can choose to go off-road riding on your own – or go for in-your face motocross racing against a pack of competitors! It's all possible—and the DX450 is ready to deliver it all the minute you open the box!

Learning to drive the DX450 is fast and easy, even if you've never driven an R/C cycle before. Here's why: When the rear wheel begins to turn, weights inside rotate around the rear axle, creating a gyroscope effect which balances and stabilizes the motorcycle. It's what “rights” the DX450 after leaning into a turn and what keeps it upright even at low speeds. That way, you can start slow and work up to full-throttle fun as your confidence increases. It's unique, simple, effective and fun!

Chassis: Modular black anodized aluminum
Drive: Metal chain
Motor: Brushless 3800kV
Radio: Tactic TTX240 2.4GHz with TA324 3-channel receiver already linked to the transmitter
ESC: DuraTrax 75A brushless compatible, works with NiCds NiMHs and LiPo batteries, includes a Dean's Ultra Plug connector
Stability System: Metal flywheel gyro installed at rear wheel, weights placed around rear axle rights motorcycle after turns and keeps it upright at low speeds
Shocks: Front, Two long travel coil spring equipped :Rear, Single high volume oil-filled
Ball Bearings: Full set, 14 total
Rider Figure: Painted, with helmet and boot detail

Battery: 7.2V NiCd/NiMH or 7.4V LiPo with a Deans Ultra Plug connector and at least 3000mAh rating (During initial movement the rear wheel gyro spools up requiring extra current. Using a battery with a smaller mAh rating may cause the ESC to shut down because of the brief voltage drop at startup).
Charger: Compatible with selected battery

Length: 17.3" (440mm)
Width: 6.9" (175mm)
Height: 15.4" (390mm)
Weight: 4.5lb (2.04kg)

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