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Part Number: FAN60621
Manufacturer: Fantom
$499.99 -

FACTS MACHINE MOTOR DYNO with storage case, software, cables
No Longer Available

FAN60621 image

Additional Product Note(s):
Must hook up to pc and power supply. instructions included.

Extended Product Information:

Have you ever been to a big race and wondered why the team drivers’ motors look so fast? Well, one reason is because most motor tuners use dynos to tune their teams’ motors. It just so happens that Fantom offers the most advanced R/C electric motor dyno available in the world... period. Yes, Fantom makes available to YOU the same technology available at your fingertips as the professionals use. Fantom™, in combination with decCo SoftWare and input from our customers, has been tweaking and updating the dyno for over 16 years now, to give you the Ultimate Motor Tuning Tool. No other dyno comes close to offering the features, accuracy, price, dependability, and continued research & development that the Fantom Facts Machine™ Dyno and Facts Machine II™ software does. The bottom line…if you own a Facts Machine™, throw away the excuses!

"FACTS MACHINE" motor dyno for electric 540 - 550 size brushed motors.

The dyno senses flywheel speed, motor current, and voltage. Optical sensors are used to sense flywheel speed for acceleration measurement. Torque is computed using the flywheel`s moment of inertia and acceleration. All information is available in graph or chart form on your screen, or send it to a printer, or save it for later use.

The newest version Windows software can be used with 486-2 GHz computers or higher with VGA or better monitors. The included software with easy command options allows you to work with little need for the manual. The help files are menu sensitive allowing you to scroll through and refresh you options knowledge at any time.

Portability, IBM compatibility, and easy operation make the Facts Machine a super tuning tool. Graphs are formatted to be accurate to your screen resolution with tick marks for easy readability.

Includes Windows software.

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