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Part Number: HPI104246
Manufacturer: HPI
$589.98 -

Savage XL 5.9 RTR Nitro Truck with 2.4Ghz radio
No Longer Available

HPI104246 image

Extended Product Information:

The Savage XL 5.9 - Extra Large Size and Mega Power!
The Savage XL 5.9 is the extra-large, extra-tough and extra-powerful big brother to the Savage X monster truck. For improved stability and handling, the Savage XL has a 55mm longer wheelbase and a 25mm wider track. With a longer wheelbase, wider stance and huge 5.9cc (.36 cubic inch) engine, the Savage XL is ready to rock and roll right out of the box. The HPI design team added strategically strengthened hop-up parts to tame the massive K5.9 power for unmatched durability. The Savage XL soaks up the rough stuff with ease because it's the biggest, toughest, and most powerful Savage ever!

3 Speed Transmission Installed
The Savage XL features the Savage 3-speed transmission to get the most out of the huge torque from the K5.9 engine. Metal gears and a high-speed 3rd gear give you legendary durability, consistent shifting, quick acceleration and high top speed. The transmission is fully adjustable, so you can choose when the Savage XL will shift into higher gear!

Rechargeable Receiver Pack and Charger
To make sure the servos have all the power they need and then some, we're throwing in an HPI 6 volt 1200mAh NiMH battery pack! This rechargeable pack even includes a convenient wall charger so you can make sure that the XL is always ready to rumble! You don't even need to take the pack out of the truck to charge it - just use the convenient charging jack built into the radio box and you're ready to go!

K5.9 Engine
At the heart of the Savage XL is the monstrous Nitro Star K5.9 engine! This 5.9cc (.36 cubic inch) powerplant gives the XL loads of torque for turning the giant tires. The K5.9 engine delivers the muscle and grunt that you'll want for powering the Savage XL over any type of terrain and through any obstacle! The massive K5.9 powerband supplies the torque for getting the XL up to speed quickly, and the curved manifold and aluminum tuned pipe get the most power out of the engine, and a giant heatsink head so you won't have to worry about overheating! The K5.9 is fitted with a Roto-Start 2 electric starter system for easy starting. A vented heavy-duty clutchbell and aluminum 3-shoe clutch are standard equipment for tough and reliable power transfer.

Roto Start 2 Installed
Get things going quickly with the Roto Start 2 electric starting system pre-installed onto the back of the engine. The Roto Start 2 replaces the standard pullstarter with a handheld shaft-drive starting unit so you don't have to deal with pullstarting the engine by hand. Just install a charged 7.2v stick-pack battery into the Roto Start 2 hand unit, insert the shaft into the back of the engine, press the button and you're off! It doesn't get any easier!

Now With 2.4GHz Radio Equipment!
The Savage XL now comes ready-to-run with a high quality 2.4GHz radio with excellent range, a high torque metal-gear steering servo, failsafe equipped receiver, throttle servo and a rechargeable Ni-MH receiver battery pack. No need to worry about radio conflicts, crystals, or radio interference, this Savage is equipped with the latest Spread Spectrum radio technology that delivers worry-free driving.

Comes with Nitro Star K5.9 engine, HPI TF-20 2.4GHz radio system, SF-1 throttle/brake servo, SF-5 high torque metal gear steering servo, painted & trimmed body, and receiver pack wall charger.

Fuel and fueler bottle
7.2v battery pack and charger
Glow igniter

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