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Part Number: KYO30973T2B
Manufacturer: Kyosho
$459.99 -

Scorpion XXL VE Ready Set 1/7 Electric Buggy with Black body
No Longer Available

KYO30973T2B image

Extended Product Information:
The Scorpion XXL is a brand new concept from Kyosho a monster size 2WD Buggy (630mm/24.8 in. long) with a scale body design and a modern power system that makes this an all terrain beast. The key is its size - a large size vehicle which is not too big but just the right size. The Scorpion XXL is roughly 20% larger than a 1/8 racing truck (ST-RR Evo) and is about 15% smaller than a 1/5th scale car. This size is perfect for running on a typical 1/8-scale track - no need for a specially designed track. Additionally, it allows the use of a 4S Lipo/brushless power system, which is exceedingly powerful for the Scorpion XXL, but not nearly as expensive as the 8 to 10S power systems need to move the much heavier 1/5-scale machines. The cost of batteries for a 1/5 vehicle alone might be enough to buy this whole car! So, the performance is awesome and it's right at home on the typical 1/8 track, and the cost of operation is much more reasonable than a 1/5-scale.

The Scorpion XXL looks good. Of course you might expect us to say that, but "scale" is trending as one of the most popular features of modern RC vehicles, and the Scorpion XXL brings home that timeless scale appeal of a desert racing buggy with a real roll cage, a driver figure and even some rear pod bodywork. It's as functional as it is attractive with side vents that direct cooling air over the ESC and motor, the roll cage actually protects the body, and the running lights can be fitting with a BRIGHT optional LED light kit that features 7 high-intensity LEDs per light for action after dark. A number of aftermarket accessories will also be available to customize the appearance and enhance the performance of this machine.

The Scorpion XXL is targeted towards bashers, scale enthusiasts, and club racers. It doesn't really matter what perspective you bring, you can get some serious fun from this machine. It's hard not to like its practical and economic approach to find tracks and minimizing the cost of operation, but all that even seems to go out the window when you pull the trigger. The only thing you risk after that is breaking too big a smile.

Monster size chassis : The biggest in the Kyosho Line
New Team Orion Brushless system(Water Proof)) : Vortex R8WP ESC with a monster can Vortex Seven High torque motor designed and tested for the Scorpion XXL. Enough power to do wheelies! 2S-4S compatible system.
Smart Battery Tray Design : Adjustable bed tray allows to fit and secure various types of battery packs.
Scale body : Aero body with roll cage and driver, lights and working air vents.
Flip top body design : With 4 body clips off the body swings open for easy maintenance.
Super big-bore shocks : Larger and thicker than truck shocks with 4mm shafts for intense all terrain action.
Big Sand Super high grip tires are mounted to wheels that are compatible with 1/8 racing truck tires.
Heavy Duty Drivetrain : Bullet proof drivetrain with slipper clutch and all-metal gears in the transmission.
Gull-wing type front suspension :More stroke and efficient damping for tight corning capability.
3mm high grade aluminum chassis with double wall chassis brace.
Mid motor configuration : Race Bred chassis design
1/8th size (17mm) hex hubs
Working side cooling vents
Heavy duty side guards
All Hex Screws
Sealed Rx compartment
Waterproof, high-torque, high-speed steering servo

What is a Ready Set?
A Ready Set is a fully assembled model that includes nearly everything you need to run. Body Color scheme is complete so only consumables like AA batteries and a 2S - 4S Li-Po battery is required (Deans Type Plug) so you can start operating the model without delay.

Ready Set Contents:
- Factory Assembled Chassis
- Pre-Painted Body with Decals
- 2.4Ghz Syncro System installed(KT-201 & KR-200)
- KS201 Metal Gear Servo

Required For Operations:
* 4 AA Batteries
* 2S-4S Li-Po Battery Pack
*Note: For use with x2 pack setup an optional Y cable is required (Deans Plug Type).
* Li-Po Battery Charger.

Technical Data:
Scale: 1/7
Length: 630mm (24.8in)
Width: 402mm (15.8in)
Height: 244mm (9.6in)
Wheelbase: 452mm (17.7in)
Gear Ration: 16:1
Weight: 4400g *approx

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