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Part Number: OP300
Manufacturer: On Point Racing
$199.99 -

OP12C 1/12 Lipo Racing Chassis Kit with Orange anodized parts
No Longer Available

OP300 image

Extended Product Information:

On-Point racing was founded in 2009 and since then the interest in their products has risen massively. Their tuning parts for Team Serpent and Team Associated cars have had great racing success in the last 2 years. This is the reason they have produced this unique 1/12th scale conversion kit. Due to its genius and intelligent design, this kit is a “must have” for every 1/12th enthusiast.

Features Include:

Capable of 5 battery positions.
Three post top deck design, for easy battery changing and ridigity.
More space for electronics and wiring, due to three post design
Split rear cross brace for more space, better motor mounting and more weight placement options
Damper tubes for smoothest dampening
Longer wheelbase for Lipo racing
Wider front track width for Lipo racing
Fits any 1/12th servo
Fits AE R5 front end
Any 1/12th center-shock and rear axle fits
Orange and black anodized aluminum parts for eye-catching effect
Based on US high quality graphite and aluminium
7075 Aluminum pod plates
Four bolt top pod plate for maximum strength

Note from Chicky, "...if you buy this conversion and already have a 12r5.1 you only need a longer ball cup for the shock, some 3x5 screws for the pod, 3mm nuts and a 1mm shim for the shock to mount to the shock tower since our shock mount is wider. I don't know the exact count on nuts and screws..."

Parts required to finish chassis assembly IF YOU DON'T START WITH A COMPLETE 12r5.1
1 - Complete 12th rear axle and diff with BB's, Spur Gear etc. (IRS2132)
1 - 12th center shock, AE, Hotbodies, IRS, CRC, Silva
1 - Associated Gold or Blue Shock Spring
1 - Associated Ball cups, for damper tubes, steering and shock (ASC6274)
1 - IRS or CRC Ride height adjusters (IRS1167 or CLN3381)
1 - Associated Ball Stud for top of shock mount (ASC31284)
1 - Associated side links and football (ASC4635)
1 - Associated link pivot balls (5) (ASC4637)
1 - Serpent S120 Rear Body Mounts (2) (SER411070)
1 - Serpent S120 Body Mount Adjusting Nuts (4) (SER411040)
1 - Serpent S120 Front Body Mounts (2) (SER411092)
1 - Associated R5 front end (ASC4686)
1 - (7)Short ball stud for bottom center shock mount, damper tubes and servo saver (ASC31280)
2 - Turnbuckles for steering and rod ends
1 - Kimbrough Medium servo saver (KIM201)
1 - Spring cups and set screws (OP307)
1 - Associated Side Springs (ASC4641-4)
1 - 12R5 Foam Bumper (ASC4653)
1 - Roll Over Antenna (SER411007)

Note:(If you are converting a 12R5, most of these parts are on the car)

3 - 3mm low profile nuts (ASC21550)
8 - M3 3x3 flat head screws for rear pod
4 - M3 3x3 button head screws for top deck dampner mount, steering linkage
6 - M3 3x6 button head screws for rear brace dampner mount, steering linkage & rear body mount
20 - M3 flat head screws 3x5 (Links, Pivot, Battery Location, Standoffs)
2 - M3 3x8 flat head screws for football
4 - M3 3x14 Button head cap screws to attach a-arm to suspension mounts
4 - M2.5 x 6mm Button Head Screws (Shock Mount and Rear Football)

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