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Part Number: RC41020
Manufacturer: RC4WD
$38.95 - Temporarily out of stock, on order

Mud Slinger Clod Crawler Tires for Clodbuster size rims (2)

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Temporarily out of stock, on order
RC41020 image

Extended Product Information:

One of the most realistic, competitive and aggressive tires on the market for the Tamiya Clodbuster. These tires are big and gnarly. Dump those sissy stock tires, and get some traction!

Specifications include:
* Outer Diameter: 6.54"/166mm
* Width: 4.37"/111mm
* Inner Diameter: 2.6" (66mm)
* Tire thread depth: .23" (6mm)
* Weight: 0.452kg/0.996lb (each tire)
* Fits stock Tamiya Clod, Juggernaut, TXT-1 or aftermarket Clod rims.

Also includes inner foam liners.

For a complete truck, you will need 2 pair of these tires.

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