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Part Number: TRI10560
Manufacturer: Trinity
$59.99 -

Nemesis 17.5 Turn Brushless Spec Motor
No Longer Available

TRI10560 image

Extended Product Information:
Serious racer or back yard thrasher you still want the best when it comes to brushless motors. Forget about motor and speedo “combo” packages that are a compromise and go with separates for maximum performance. The Trinity NEMESIS motors will out perform the current motors on the market and crush the performance of any combo!

Hook the NEMESIS up to any good speed control for the highest performance possible with todays technology. Don’t buy into the “combo” nonsense, go with the best!

The NEMESIS is USA designed by Team EPIC and incorporates all the tricks and tweaks developed by Jim Dieter & Paul Lemieux while winning every major modified race in the past 18 months.

A new stator, rotor and sensor are just a few of the many improvements incorporated into the NEMESIS line.

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