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Part Number: INTE2041
Manufacturer: Integy
$59.99 - 1 in stock

Charger-Indi 16X-Lithium AC/DC for LiPo Batteries (1S - 4S)

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1 in stock
INTE2041 image

Additional Product Note(s):

Charges 1-4 cell packs at up to 6.5 amps

Extended Product Information:

Charges Li-Ion & Li-Po for 1 to 4 cell,
Charge rate adjustbale from 0.1A to 6.5A,
True CC-CV hardware,
Adjustable voltage cutoff from 4.10V to 4.25V per cell,
12VDC input,
Built-in cooling fan,
Compact size,
Blue LED indicates fast charging
Green LED indicates trickle charging,
90-day warranty

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