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Thursday, January 29th, 2015
Fast, New and ROAR approved! Fly via screen on the transmitter!! SupaStox cars and parts in stock at Stormer Hobbies ! AWESOME!  fly it from the screen!
Need an edge in WGT?  Try these Contact tires on for size! HOT pricing on the awesome REVO with the 3.3 engine! Know what your brushless motors are doing! Package deal includes 5000mAh CRC pack.
One pack, get rid of your saddle packs! the hot Black Art toyota TS030 body! 5mm shaft, power, and a bargain price!  Perfect! The awesome new Tamiya TRF419 !
HOT pricing on excellent Contact 1/12th tires! We've run them they're good! Ready to fly, and LOADS of fun without all the work of building it! HOT new Losi race truck with Active Vehicle Control ! Jaco blues, fresh and in stock! set of 4

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