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Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015
Hundreds of motors on SALE! have a look. Tessman Worlds Edition 1/8th Buggy This Orion speedo is a beast! includes receiver, complete system for $99.99
Hot new 17.5 motors with short stack to help you dominate 1s racing! Even comes with a body! SUCH A DEAL!  These things are sweet! 30 model memory and all fuctionality you need as a pro racer!
Charges and discharges. SupaStox cars and parts in stock at Stormer Hobbies ! 100c shorty packs! Schumacher KF2 mid motor buggy kit!
HOT pricing on excellent Contact 1/12th tires! We've run them they're good! the new 2015 spec! xb8 One pack, get rid of your saddle packs! Need an edge in WGT?  Try these Contact tires on for size!

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