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Part Number: SPRSP000162
Manufacturer: Speed Passion
$109.95 -

Reventon Pro for 2 Cell Lipo, 140A, Blue
No Longer Available

SPRSP000162 image

Extended Product Information:
The world champion ESC is getting smaller and more refined to continue leading the R/C industry in ESC technology. Speed Passion is proud to present the all new REVENTON PRO - Professional level competition brushless ESC. Designed by Speed Passion’s engineers with new patented technology, the REVENTON PRO is the best choice for the top level competition ESC.

The REVENTON PRO ESC features an all new, in-house designed, 140A unit that out powers the competition in power delivery and smoothness. The unique INTERCOOLER design allows the REVENTON PRO ESC to run 20% cooler in temperature compared to previous models. The ESC keeps it’s cool even when pushed to the extreme in racing conditions ranging from full power boosted modified to no timing racing. The brand new ground up design features a full aluminum body case which provides maximum surface area to dissipate heat from the ESC. The full aluminum body construction combined with the INTERCOOLER design provides extreme power delivery to the motor with overall increased performance compared to previous models.

The onboard switch unit along with built in LED light makes it easy to identify software profiles when they are installed. No more external wired switches means racers no longer need to worry about switch placement and finding room on today’s high performance racing chassis’.

Speed Passion’s Patented ESC Wireless Control Technology – WCT
The Speed Passion REVENTON PRO ESC can be easily updated, adjusted, programmed via racers’ iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Android based smartphones and tablets are also supported. Wi-Fi (for iOS devices) and Bluetooth (for Android) technology will be used to allow racers to save their ESC setting wirelessly from the ESC to their smartphones or tablets. The REVENTON's intuitive interface will allow racers to share profiles and download ESC settings directly from the Speed Passion website. This allows racers to download the most up to date top performance settings from Speed Passion’s top factory drivers settings right off of Speed Passion’s website. (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection modules are optional and are not included with the REVENTON series ESC’s ).Click Here

REVENTON PRO also features the latest racing software to accommodate all racers in all forms of racing:

  • Mod1 – Team driver developed and tested MODIFIED software based off of Speed Passion’s 2010 1/10 EP Touring Car World Championship and 2010 & 2011 European Off Road Championship.
  • Mod2 – Team driver developed and tested MODIFIED software based off of Speed Passion’s European Off Road Championship with extra care on brakes and power delivery.
  • Stock0 – ZERO TIMING "Stock - Blinky" software mainly used in USA. Also used in races such as ETS 2010-2012, TITC 2010-2012, and IIC (USA). (Roar approval pending).
  • Stock1 – Open timing software known as "Hybrid Boost" with advanced Turbo timing features (coming in October 2012).
  • RockCrawler1 – New enhanced software from Speed Passion’s Rock Crawler Series.
  • Drift1 – New enhanced software from Speed Passion’s Drifter series.

    New Professional LCD Programming Card
    Included with the REVENTON PRO ESC is the new Professional LCD Programming Card with built in USB connection port. The programming card will allow racers to adjust ESC settings, tune the Hybrid Boost software, upgrade ESC software, and review the last recorded ESC temperature and battery voltage.

    Continuous Current: 140 Amps
    Maximum Battery: 2S Lipo/7 cell NiMH
    Brushless Motor Limit: 3.5T or higher
    Dimensions: 35 x 35 x 20mm
    Supports Wi-Fi Module: Yes
    Supports Bluetooth Module: Yes
    Supports LED/LCD Program Card: Yes

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